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my new website is up and running with new work and new images! take a look and let me know what you think…


say hello to Ello, the new social network that promises to never sell user data, be completely ad-free, and hopefully put an end to the ridiculous rein of facebook.



introducing Organized Wonder. it’s where all the good videos are.


this is quite possibly the internets best interactive website. it’s called The Cup Size Choir, and simply by stroking a few keys on your keyboard you can make these sizzling sirens sing a song for you. there’s even a pre-recorded sample of Deck the Halls to enjoy, (of which i have never heard seen a better version), and an option to record your own tune. i have no idea what this brilliant website is even for, in fact, i have no idea what i’m doing still telling you about it… i have some music to compose. enjoy!

via The Worlds Best Ever

well i did actually. traditional still life’s have always given me the big yawn, and its not because i don’t know my stuff. i realize that the majority of these works represent life and death and the conflicting cycle of nature, but c’mon, they’re as boring as a girl named ann. until now that is, (or around now, its been out for a while actually… okay, and there goes the suspense). enter john baldessari, the old grey yeti of the art world. he has created a website/art project entitled “In Still Life” where you can rearrange the otherwise boring objects in Abraham van Beyeren’s “Banquet Still Life,” a 17th-century Dutch painting, (as if we couldn’t tell). you can see mine up top, and i have to say its a drastic improvement to the original, (or maybe just a childish attempt at compositional problem solving). so go ahead and try it out yourself, what do you have to lose? you couldn’t possibly be any worse than abraham van boring.

one of the coolest art projects on line that i have seen (somewhat) recently is this website called naked people, and believe me, its as cool as it sounds, (well most of the time). in short, its every little boys dream come true, the exhibitionist milf next door, the mail order x-ray glasses that really work, the hole in the wall of the girls locker room… german photographer Sebastian Kempa, (god-bless him if there was a god), has created a site where one wave of the magic curser seemingly erases the clothes off of any given model right before your very eyes. as the website states…

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