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i will have new work in the upcoming group show MFA Never from february 10th – 27th at Root Division gallery in san francisco. “This juried exhibition creates visibility for artists who have found a life and practice in the visual arts outside of the academic machine.” click here for more information.


the 2015 Southern Exposure Monster Drawing Rally is happening this friday night from 6-11 pm at the Verdi Club in san francisco. there will be around 120 artist working side by side creating drawings on the spot that will be immediately available for purchase. all proceeds directly support SOEX programs and artists throughout the bay area.

inspired by his Selfless Portraits Project, san francisco based artist Ivan Cash created this interactive art installation entitled Strangers Drawing Strangers for Airbnb at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

image_currentissueSan Francisco Arts Quarterly issue 17 is out now and always free to read. be sure not to miss WHO’S AFRAID OF THE NEW ABSTRACTION? Alex Bacon in conversation with Jarrett Earnest which argues Jerry Saltz & Co. cynical and shallow stance of “everything looks the same because that’s what sells“, and is the best damn piece of art criticism i have read in years.

Charles Sowers 2012 installation Windswept, at San Francisco’s Randall Museum.


Mission Bicycles new Sutro, an 8-speed internally geared bicycle. cleeeeeeeaaan.

for their 10th anniversary, Dave Eggers will host 826 Valencia‘s annual spring luncheon on April 18th at the St. Regis Hotel in SF, with a little help from Portlandia‘s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. you’re welcome…

Cleon Peterson‘s got a new show up at Guerrero Gallery entitled The Brinksman,  march 10th – april 7th. truly not to be missed…

if your in the bay area, come stop by and say hi!

Mauve? Office of Exhibition celebrates 3rd anniversary with “Out To Lunch,” a month-long art exhibition.

Mauve? Office of Exhibition, an unconventional art gallery that occupies two office cubicles in downtown Berkeley, is celebrating its birthday by transplanting its cubicle sensibility to the Wire+Nail Gallery on 3150 18th Street (at Treat). Mauve? founders Sabina Nieto and Tarak Shah are curating a 4-week retrospective entitled “Out to Lunch” at Wire+Nail from March 17th to April 15th, with an opening reception on Saturday, March 24th, from 7 to 9pm.

Featuring local artists who have shown at Mauve? in the past year, working in a variety of media including photography, installation, performance, beaded embroidery, drawing, writing, screen prints, and digital prints, the show looks to suggest the playful elements of the office work day: daydreams, small escapes, vacations, vices, snacks, reappropriation of office supplies.

The full list of participating artists: Neil Berrett, Mic D’Bernardo, Katie Hoffman, Maggie Lawson, Alexis Lopez, Jackie Hancock, Michael Ifland, Bridget May, Matt McKenzie, Natalia Melikova, Jenny Odell, Alissa Polan, Eduardo Valadez, Chelsea Ryoko Wong, Amber Jean Young, and Daniel Yovino.

Mauve? was founded in March of 2009 by Sabina Nieto and Tarak Shah, and has housed art exhibitions continuously since then, with each show running for four weeks. While trying to re-imagine what a cubicle can be, Mauve? also endeavors to construct a distinct relationship of audience to art and artist, whereby office employees get to meet artists and engage withnew art in the course of their working day, outside the constraints of traditional gallery or museum walls.

For more information about Mauve?, visit or email

i kept waiting for this poster to be made available again before i shared it with all of you, but it looks like it’s just not going to happen any time soon… in any case, this amazingly accurate/amusing poster was created by a girl named Tor, (18 x 24 inches in size), and depicts the neighborhoods of San Francisco using only the silhouettes of various bicycles. not only is it absolutely brilliant in both concept and design, (one of those “gee, i wish i had thought of that” ideas), but it serves as a handy guide to understanding the city itself.

available here (at some point?) for only $30

you know those old polaroids that you keep hidden away in that cigar box of yours?  the ones you take out and thumb through every now and again after your fourth or fifth whisky? you know what i’m talking about… there are photographs that you keep, and then there are photographs that keep you. they may haunt, they may heal, they may be used against you in a court of law. or, they may just be the work of bay area photographer Hannah Olivia Nelson. much like that last drink, Hannah‘s narrative work plays upon our memory of people and places possibly forgotten. her photos possess a feeling of unsettling familiarity, a sense that we have been there, we have felt that, and now its time to move on… (if only we could). in short, Hannah Nelson’s work reminds us of a past as fleeting as the present. and no matter how much we may drink and/or try to forget, (or try to remember for that matter), these moments are worth a long and languid look, even if it is three in the morning. cheers!

after the tragically disappointing valentine’s day i was forced to endure, i decided it was time to find a new love in my life, someone who knows exactly what i want and is more than willing to give it to me. enter Laurel Nakadate, (pronounced na-kah-dah-tee, unless used in the form of a double entendre, (see above)), a video artist and photographer who is known for a series of works in which she seduces and then records her encounters with sad and lonely middle-aged men. there’s a lot going on in these shots… obviously issues of sex/sexuality, power, voyeurism and control overwhelm these scenes, but its the questions and concerns of much more meaningful topics such as honesty, trust and vulnerability that rise to the surface with somewhat uncomfortable, if not unsettling results. of course as with most women, there’s more to Laurel Nakadate than sexual manipulation and questions of control… Read the rest of this entry »

according to this rather large, orange poster featuring sonar/lazer dice and clumsy, block-like typography, it appears the San Francisco Independent Film Festival/Winter Music Fest is back, (and ready to gamble?) this years selection of films will be screened at the Roxie Theatre in the mission, while CELLspace will be playing host to the music end of the festivities. all in all, it looks to be like a lot of fun, (especially the Big Lebowski Party going down on the 5th), which is more than i can say for their poster here… yikes! tickets are already available with passes ranging from $40 – $180, available here.

it’s just too beautiful to blog! (my apologies to the east coast). get outside people and enjoy the day… have a great weekend everybody!


photo by Lisa Bettany

being an artist of any kind and maintaining healthcare coverage, let alone a savings or retirement plan, is damn near impossible. so while we wait for obamacare to kick in, the good people of Healthy SF have decided to step up and lend a helping hand. they recently expanded their income illegibility requirements and are looking to enroll even more san francisco based residents artists than ever before. so in order to help facilitate this process, the Community Music Forum is offering a free seminar this saturday, (january 8th from 2-3:30 pm), at the Porto Franco Art Parlor to teach artists how to access these services for little or no money. a representative from Healthy SF will be there to fill you in on all the details, (including the enrollment process, qualifications, what medications and services are covered, etc.), and answer any questions you may have. There will even be a few doctors on hand to… well, i don’t know, impress you with their white coats. RSVP for the event here and start off 2011 with a bit of practical reassurance, (something every artist desperately needs anyway.)


viaphoto by Thomas Hawk.

SEEKING SOMEONE: possibly you is a new group show opening up at Timezone Gallery this friday, january 7th in san francisco. we all need a certain somebody to share our lives with. and even though this longing may make us all a bit crazy at times, it’s one of the things that make/keep us human. SEEKING SOMEONE investigates this natural need for companionship and invites us all to share in this emotional and physical desire collectively. hopefully in doing so, we may all become a bit closer, and in turn, feel a little less alone. featuring work from Luca Antonucci, Ana Belen Cantoni, Colleen Collett, Kathleen Eastwood, Carrie Elzey, Marina Goncharova, Michelle Morby, Sabina Nieto, Carissa Potter, Lila Savage, Brooke Westfall, and Daniel Yovino. so stop on by and take a look at the show, (running until january 31st), you just might meet that special someone… or not, probably not.

apparently there were two different fire hydrant gushers happening simultaneously this morning, one in downtown san francisco, and the other across the bay in downtown berkeley. both bursts occurred during the same time, on the same day, and in the same respective neighborhoods. now there’s two types of people in this world. the first type would see this event as nothing more than a mere coincidence bound to happen at some point in time given the number of fire hydrants x the amount of FAIL in any specific location. but the other type, our second type, (i.e. dreamers, mystics, and drug users), would see this odd occurrence as some sort of thought-provoking sign, a “happening” if you will. personally, i like to view both sides of the spectrum, and so i often see the plausibility in each perspective. with that being said, the circumstances of this mornings events did leave me with one gnawing factor to resolve within my own mind… just how many people are having an orgasm at any one particular point in time?

with only 18 more days until christmas i suppose it’s finally time to get into the holiday cheer and all that. so if your in the mood for some christmas music, but don’t want to spend the money on yet another cliché compilation album that you’ll either lose or throw away, then check out the christmas channel over on san francisco’s very own soma fm. i’ve been listening to it now for a few hours and i gotta say, i almost feel compelled to go out and buy myself a peppermint mocha. and since your already there, and it is christmas time and all, why not help the folks out at soma fm by making a small donation to their year-end fundraising drive so that they can continue to provide great, commercial-free, internet radio year round. so go ahead… do something nice for a change, then treat yourself to some great christmas music, a few mugs of eggnog and a cozy spot next to the fire. god bless the internets!

cool/funny/ironic/witty t-shirts are a dime a dozen, (not to mention a bit sub-sophomoric, a term my brother likes to use to sound extra critical and extra smart. FAIL). but every now and then one pops up to remind us all just why we’re here instead of, oh i don’t know… hate loving arizona let’s say. and when that same shirt combines the friendly blue-collar aesthetic of PBR with the heart and soul of san francisco’s most beloved, (and by beloved, i mean affordable yet still relatively safe), neighborhood, well my friends you have yourselves a winner!

*available tomorrow (12-3-10) at True SF over on haight. (haight-ers be haighting. bam! another winning shirt!)

via Mission Mission

i’m originally from southern california where burritos fall from the trees like apples. so you can imagine my concern when i moved up here to the bay area that i might never enjoy myself another delicious burrito again. obviously i worried for nada, and was pleased as punch jarritos to see so many taquerias around. which led me to wonder… just who does makes the best burrito in san francisco? of course, this question is a tough one to answer, and certainly i had no business in attempting to solve it myself. so instead, i hit the internets to try and find a solution, and find one i did! the Burrito Eater strives to be “the Web’s most complete source of information on San Francisco taquerias”, and believe me they are. with over 800 burritos under their belt, (literally), Burrito Eater offers a comprehensive rating of each including points scored for, tortilla, cheese, temperature, burstage abatement, rice, vegetables, ingredient mix, size, meat, beans, sauciness, spiciness, shrug element, clang! element,  and even intangibility(?). they also offer information on the premises itself, providing a photo with each rating as well as it’s location, appearance, hours, and  my personal favorite, health and safety rating. simply put, these guys are the burrito masters. with that being said, here are their top five taquerias for burritos in the mission district…

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