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anyone who has ever seen Hieronymus Bosch‘s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights knows there are some pretty freaky things going on in the 15th century painting. this of course includes what is now known as “the butt song” pictured above.

“Amelia Hamrick, who attends Oklahoma Christian University, first learned about the painting in a humanities class last year, and fascinated by it had taken to looking at it from time to time.

‘It’s kind of like a 500-year-old Where’s Waldo, she told The Oklahoman.

After viewing the painting again with her friend Luke, they noticed that one of the suffers in the hell scene had musical notes branded on their backside and decided to find out what the butt song from hell might have actually sounded like.”

and so yada-yada-yada, i give you The Butt Song for your listening pleasure. Transcribed by Amelia Hamrick, and played by James Spalink.


more of this… KATSU scribbling a mess all over Kendall Jenner’s face.

Michael Ifland, Somewhere, 2.14.14, Pencil on Illustration Board, 30 x 40 inches.

well emeryville to be exact, at the 28th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition. there you can view the work of over 100 bay area artist including the drawing above, (Somewhere, 2014, Pencil on Illustration Board, 30 x 40 inches), by yours truly. Opening night is this friday, october 10th from 6-9 pm. see you there!

watch an exclusive trailer for the new documentary about the life and work of artist David Hockney. The film, simply entitled Hockney, will allow viewers a peek into the artists personal archives and a look around his studio where the 77 year old artist still paints each and every day. it will also examine the painters formative years in the british pop-art scene, as well as his experience of being a gay man during the AIDS crisis.


following her first tumblrCecilia Azcarate has created another great one where she identifies common Ikea items represented in classical paintings created before 1650. now that’s fun and functional.



probably the best show ever put together at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archieve, Barry McGee. showing until december 9th. if your anywhere near the bay area you have got to see this show.


possibly the finest art documentary series ever made… the Power of Art from Simon Schama. above, my personal favorite, Rothko. enjoy!

NOWNESS presents: Aaron Young.


you know there’s two Mona Lisa’s right? yeah, and apparently the second one was painted by Satan.

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paintings by artist Will Cotton… sticky sweet!

Cleon Peterson‘s got a new show up at Guerrero Gallery entitled The Brinksman,  march 10th – april 7th. truly not to be missed…

because it’s friday.

 or Tauba Auerbach, makes paintings just as pretty as she, (amongst other things). above, Untitled (Fold), 2010, Acrylic on canvas / Wooden stretcher, 52 x 40 inches. yes, this is a painting.

Gerhard Richter Painting is a new documentary written and directed by Corinna Belz that takes a rare and intimate look at the german painters personal process.

No.11, (Gerd’s Grid), 8.21.11, Graphite on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches.

one of the greatest “american” painters of the 20th century,  Cy Twombly succumbs to cancer at the age of 83. video after the jump…

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gee, i wish i would have thought of that… Chad Wys makes that kind of art, and by that kind of art i mean the type that commands an immediate reaction. if your an artist, this response is probably one of covetous admiration or jealousy, and if your  somebody who simply enjoys art, this response is probably one of covetous admiration or jealousy. (wait, what? yes). but don’t be alarmed, this is only normal when viewing works that are both aesthetically beautiful and conceptually complex, artistic creations that somehow combine and confuse our (mis) conceptions of what is high or low brow art. and Chad seems to do this only all to well (damn him), and in far too many genres (shit!) including paintingphotography, print making, mixed media and collage, all of which exemplify his artistic wit and child-like creativity. (i do not have turrets i assure you…) on top of all of this, (and i really hate to break it to you), Chad Wys is an incredibly likable guy who i had the pleasure of meeting some time back over on the Behance network. if you’d like to know a bit more about him, (if only to examine his thought process and steal his ideas), i encourage you to check out an interview of his over on Serial/Optimist. and if not, no worries, i have the feeling that we will all be seeing more of him in the very near future.

well i did actually. traditional still life’s have always given me the big yawn, and its not because i don’t know my stuff. i realize that the majority of these works represent life and death and the conflicting cycle of nature, but c’mon, they’re as boring as a girl named ann. until now that is, (or around now, its been out for a while actually… okay, and there goes the suspense). enter john baldessari, the old grey yeti of the art world. he has created a website/art project entitled “In Still Life” where you can rearrange the otherwise boring objects in Abraham van Beyeren’s “Banquet Still Life,” a 17th-century Dutch painting, (as if we couldn’t tell). you can see mine up top, and i have to say its a drastic improvement to the original, (or maybe just a childish attempt at compositional problem solving). so go ahead and try it out yourself, what do you have to lose? you couldn’t possibly be any worse than abraham van boring.