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anyone who has ever seen Hieronymus Bosch‘s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights knows there are some pretty freaky things going on in the 15th century painting. this of course includes what is now known as “the butt song” pictured above.

“Amelia Hamrick, who attends Oklahoma Christian University, first learned about the painting in a humanities class last year, and fascinated by it had taken to looking at it from time to time.

‘It’s kind of like a 500-year-old Where’s Waldo, she told The Oklahoman.

After viewing the painting again with her friend Luke, they noticed that one of the suffers in the hell scene had musical notes branded on their backside and decided to find out what the butt song from hell might have actually sounded like.”

and so yada-yada-yada, i give you The Butt Song for your listening pleasure. Transcribed by Amelia Hamrick, and played by James Spalink.


‘Dinosaurs’ x The Notorious B.I.G = Hypnotize by Benjamin Roberts.


the latest and greatest from DJ Hennessy Youngman. enjoy with your favorite box of wine.


Michael Ifland, Somewhere, 2.14.14, Pencil on Illustration Board, 30 x 40 inches.

well emeryville to be exact, at the 28th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition. there you can view the work of over 100 bay area artist including the drawing above, (Somewhere, 2014, Pencil on Illustration Board, 30 x 40 inches), by yours truly. Opening night is this friday, october 10th from 6-9 pm. see you there!


super-looper music appput on the headphones and get lost for a day or two with the SUPER-LOOPER music making app from uk based Univers Labs. awesomeness.

a beautiful girl, a beautiful song, a beautiful video… Hannah Cohen‘s The Crying Game, from her debut album Child Bride. shot and directed by Matthu Placek.


introducing Organized Wonder. it’s where all the good videos are.


Doug Aitken, SONG 1. projected onto The Hirshhorn Museum march 22nd to may 13th 2012, everyday from sunset until midnight.


so that’s what those marks mean… Animated Sheet Music, from Dan Cohen.

Suicide Girls + Belle & Sebastian = <3

Ok Go has created the world’s first interactive music video with help from the  Pilobolus dance company and Google Japan. try it for yourself here (as long as your running Google’s Chrome browser. (if not, tough shit)).

for reals… check it. full post after the jump.

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any track, anytime, anywhere, for free. just click here for more info and an invite of your own. happy listening!

Claudia Joskowicz, HDV color, Sound by Ronnie Bass and Gregoire Paultre, 20 min, 2006

via VV

the 90’s were awesome and i miss them. luckily though some clever bastards put together this amazing mix that somehow combines the best of 90’s music with sound-bites from the movie Singles. my faith in humanity has now been restored… enjoy!

more info as well as the playlist available here.

living in the bay area can really make you miss southern california, especially LA. there just seems to be more room down there to stretch out and breathe. needless to say every now and again i need my fix of palm trees and power lines. but as everyone knows driving down that fucking five can be absolutely maddening. luckily there’s You are listening to Los Angeles, a single serving site that creates a brilliantly beautiful soundtrack to the city of the same name. it mashes up live L.A.P.D. radio chatter/noise with ambient background music provided by SoundCloud. the result could be compared to being high on h while waiting to get into The Viper Room. but don’t take my word for it, go buy yourself some heroin and give it a listen to here.

created by Eric Eberhardt, via The Daily What.

enough said…

according to this rather large, orange poster featuring sonar/lazer dice and clumsy, block-like typography, it appears the San Francisco Independent Film Festival/Winter Music Fest is back, (and ready to gamble?) this years selection of films will be screened at the Roxie Theatre in the mission, while CELLspace will be playing host to the music end of the festivities. all in all, it looks to be like a lot of fun, (especially the Big Lebowski Party going down on the 5th), which is more than i can say for their poster here… yikes! tickets are already available with passes ranging from $40 – $180, available here.

who does this son a bitch think he is? well, he thinks he’s Miles Fisher, “an actor, musician and digital media entrepreneur” who graduated from Harvard university in 2006. (not too shabby eh?) he also fancies himself a real lady-killer of sorts in this recent video/cover of The Talking Heads This Must be the Place. what’s creepy is he really looks and plays the part a bit too well, (then again he is a Harvard man after all…) i swear some of these shots i thought he took directly from the film American Psycho, but nope, it’s just Fisher and his ego. anyway, i thought this video was a-ma-zing, and anytime i find something that’s this good, i just want to chop somebody up into a million little pieces, then clean up all of the blood, (this parts important), and share its awesomeness with all of you. have a great day!

btw, mad props to the set designer, especially the killer Robert Longo works on the wall.

here’s an amazing ‘little’ project going on in our own backyard. Janice Whaley of San Jose has taken it upon herself to re-record every single song The Smiths ever produced between the years 1984-87 using nothing but her own voice. (that’s right, no instruments whatsoever… think Björk, but on the proper medication). what’s even more astounding perhaps is that she recorded each of the tracks in a closet sized room at home, while tending to a full-time job and her four year old son, (wow!) and the results i must say are simply stunning. i truly love each and every track that i’ve listened to, (all of which are available here), and i thought she did a remarkable job staying true to the originals while doing her own wildly wonderful thing. the project in it’s entirety is overwhelmingly beautiful, (hauntingly even), but more importantly for me, truly inspirational. for despite whatever commercial recognition and/or success may come her way, Janice Whaley’s The Smith’s Project will stand as a testament to what one can achieve with bold determination, an intense passion and remarkable skill. so thanks Janice, for both the music and the motivation, and i promise i will never again complain about not having enough time for _______, (or at least i’ll try not too!)