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you can now purchase one or all of the 7600 volumes of the English language Wikipedia created by artist Michael Mandiberg, currently on view at From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! at Denny Gallery until July 11th, 2015.


Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, (1988). happy halloween!

a beautiful selection of 8mm film shot by the now celebrated photographer Vivian Maier. as with all her work, there is a quiet sophistication to these shots, an emotion that stands in stark contrast to the chaotic bickering that has unfortunately become her legacy.


watch an exclusive trailer for the new documentary about the life and work of artist David Hockney. The film, simply entitled Hockney, will allow viewers a peek into the artists personal archives and a look around his studio where the 77 year old artist still paints each and every day. it will also examine the painters formative years in the british pop-art scene, as well as his experience of being a gay man during the AIDS crisis.


Better Off Dead, (1985), an instant classic and one of my favorites. enjoy!

Tampopo1985, by the great Jûzô Itami. it’s delicious! (and a big THANK YOU to whomever put this on the internets).

“a world without men”… Adrian Maben‘s 1989 documentary Frames from the Edge takes an inside look at the life and work of photographer Helmut Newton.

Gerhard Richter Painting is a new documentary written and directed by Corinna Belz that takes a rare and intimate look at the german painters personal process.

80’s beach/bikini movies… FTW!

36 Hitchcock films, 36 murders, all on 1 scream screen.

i’m not sure if anyones going to buy that, but FILMDRUNK put together this little montage of broad’s, (otherwise known as dolls, dames, babes and birds), being slapped around on film to “celebrate our progress, since this is no longer considered acceptable.” more details excuses here. and if you’d like to know more about women’s history as well as help to end Women’s Suffrage, check out this link to get involved! happy women’s history month everybody!

(oops, it was for the month of March, wa-wa-waaa…)

the 90’s were awesome and i miss them. luckily though some clever bastards put together this amazing mix that somehow combines the best of 90’s music with sound-bites from the movie Singles. my faith in humanity has now been restored… enjoy!

more info as well as the playlist available here.

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available here. via The Daily What

anyone who knows-me-knows-me knows that i’ve seen a few movies in my time (to put it mildly). it’s not that i’m some sort of film fanatic or anything. in fact, i don’t even own a single movie… it’s just that i’m lazy, extremely lazy, and so instead of filing my free time with healthy, productive activities, i instead lay around on my ass and watch a movie or two. anyway, the other day while exploring the internets, (another absolutely inert interest of mine), i came across this website/game called Famous Objects from Classic Movies. feeling feisty and ready for a bit of exercise, i sat up and began to waste away the next hour of my life matching model to movie until i answered every one of their 100 questions, (exhausting i know). the game plays out exactly as you would imagine and includes both older and newer “classics“. of course the best part is that we can all now finally play a few rounds of charades without a.) getting out of bed, b.) inviting the annoying family friend, and c.) looking like a total douchebag. so thanks FOFCM for the upgrade, my life is now filled with fun! (j/k. it’s still shitty).

after the tragically disappointing valentine’s day i was forced to endure, i decided it was time to find a new love in my life, someone who knows exactly what i want and is more than willing to give it to me. enter Laurel Nakadate, (pronounced na-kah-dah-tee, unless used in the form of a double entendre, (see above)), a video artist and photographer who is known for a series of works in which she seduces and then records her encounters with sad and lonely middle-aged men. there’s a lot going on in these shots… obviously issues of sex/sexuality, power, voyeurism and control overwhelm these scenes, but its the questions and concerns of much more meaningful topics such as honesty, trust and vulnerability that rise to the surface with somewhat uncomfortable, if not unsettling results. of course as with most women, there’s more to Laurel Nakadate than sexual manipulation and questions of control… Read the rest of this entry »

hey everyone, it’s me james franco!

thank you, i know, i’m great. okay, anyway my friend mike here asked if i could find a few minutes in my busy schedule to write a little something for his blog explaining what it’s like to be me, the great james franco. so of course i said yes. after all, i fancy myself a bit of a writer and i have to say, i absolutely love the subject matter. now where was i? right. well, like i said i’ve been very busy lately. outside of acting i’ve been doing a lot of different projects. for instance,  i recently wrote a novel called Palo Alto, (can you guess what it’s about? haha, just kidding…) i’m also getting ready for my first art show in Berlin, so that’s james franco. let’s see,  i’m james franco on a music album with the artist Kalup Linzy which is due out james franco. but of course the big news is i’m co-hosting the Oscars this year with what’s her name, and i’ve even been jamesfranco’d for Best Actor which really blows my mind. (btw, i’m having a little party afterwards so come on by (pssssst… if your hot!) i’ve also been doing a shit load of press for all of that, james fran co cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue which is jamesf ranco. i’ll also be staring in a Broadway play coming out ja mesf ranco and co-staring tom cruises ex-wife. but perhaps what i’m most jamesfr anco about, is my new college course i’m james fran co Colombia College Hollywood that’s all about me and entitled “Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco.” yeah, it’s going to be so james fran co! ja mes fra ncojame sfrancoj ames francojames fr ancoj ames fr ancoj amesfr? an co jamesfr anc ojam, esfr’a nco j amesfra ncoj amesfr. a’n c ojamesfra ncojame sfranc, oja mesfr an cojam esf ranco jam esfra ncoj , ame sf rancoj am esfr ancojames franc! oja, m esfr ancoja, mes fra ncojam esf! ranc’o ja me sfran cojame, sfr anc ojames fran cojam es fran cojam. james franco jamesfrancojames francojamesfrancojamesfrancojames, francojamesfrancojamesfrancojamesfranco.


james franco

according to this rather large, orange poster featuring sonar/lazer dice and clumsy, block-like typography, it appears the San Francisco Independent Film Festival/Winter Music Fest is back, (and ready to gamble?) this years selection of films will be screened at the Roxie Theatre in the mission, while CELLspace will be playing host to the music end of the festivities. all in all, it looks to be like a lot of fun, (especially the Big Lebowski Party going down on the 5th), which is more than i can say for their poster here… yikes! tickets are already available with passes ranging from $40 – $180, available here.

The Red Balloon, (1956), by Albert Lamorisse.

The strangest thing happened last Friday at noon… It began with a boy and his big red balloon.

I watched as he walked down the street with great care, protecting his prize from the sun’s bursting glare.

Then just as the bells of the church started ringing, he floated straight up past the puffy cloud ceiling.

I heard that he landed far, far away, in a small town that serves cookies and milk every day.

Now I’m thinking of buying a big red balloon, and taking a walk next Friday at noon.

who does this son a bitch think he is? well, he thinks he’s Miles Fisher, “an actor, musician and digital media entrepreneur” who graduated from Harvard university in 2006. (not too shabby eh?) he also fancies himself a real lady-killer of sorts in this recent video/cover of The Talking Heads This Must be the Place. what’s creepy is he really looks and plays the part a bit too well, (then again he is a Harvard man after all…) i swear some of these shots i thought he took directly from the film American Psycho, but nope, it’s just Fisher and his ego. anyway, i thought this video was a-ma-zing, and anytime i find something that’s this good, i just want to chop somebody up into a million little pieces, then clean up all of the blood, (this parts important), and share its awesomeness with all of you. have a great day!

btw, mad props to the set designer, especially the killer Robert Longo works on the wall.


from the Blume family

so here’s a little christmas card i made. i was inspired by both friends and family this year, (as well as my lack of expendable funds), to try and create a couple of my own. the image was taken from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore and is a portrait portrayed in the film of the estranged Blume family. i think the picture in general really has a “have a day” type feel to it, or in this case “have a holiday”, and so i couldn’t resist playing with that awkwardness which seems to show up in so many family photo christmas cards. anyway, now that i have finished a few, (including a Tron Guy and a Danielle Steel edition), i just can’t imagine ever buying another bullshit card again. of course i suppose this means i’ll be busy making them year round, but i feel it’s worth the trouble as long as i can help to limit the amount of suck in this world… (oh, and save a few bucks as well). holiday’s to you all!