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my new website is up and running with new work and new images! take a look and let me know what you think…


you can now purchase one or all of the 7600 volumes of the English language Wikipedia created by artist Michael Mandiberg, currently on view at From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! at Denny Gallery until July 11th, 2015.

from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, an outstanding new series entitled The Artist Project. “Over the course of five seasons, The Artist Project  will share the perspectives of one hundred artists with the public, telling us what they see when they look at The Met.” above, Tom Sachs on the Shaker retiring room.

introducing the DaftPunKonsole. “made with love  by Malik Dellidj.”

The Birth of a Tool, Part III by Jēkabs Dimiters, artisan, baker, carpenter, craftsman, filmmaker, musician and founder of John Neeman Tools. absolutely the most beautiful knife and video of said knife that i have ever seen.



Coolors is an instant color scheme generator that makes it more than easy to view and share an almost endless number of color combinations and collections.

created by Jen Lu and Tim instantly creates “random modern art by simplifying images to their core elements”.



the Clark messenger bag from the fine folks at Herschel Supply Co. perfect.

letterer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady“,  Jessica Hische‘s  Certificate of Awesomeness.

Miranda July's Somebody app, via Miranda July

“Artist Miranda July has announced a unique new app design, titled Somebody, which uses active participants and users to deliver messages to other users rather than receive a standard text-based message or email.”



created by perfume designer Geza Schoen, with packaging by Karl Lagerfeld, Paper Passion will leave you smelling like the pages of your favorite book. (well, that or an old librarian).



following her first tumblrCecilia Azcarate has created another great one where she identifies common Ikea items represented in classical paintings created before 1650. now that’s fun and functional.




the Fitbit Flex. a pedometer, sleep monitor, silent alarm and personal trainer to make sure you reach your daily fitness goals. no matter if they’re ten, twenty or sixty thousand steps a day.

five ceramic masters, (Lee Hyuang-Gu, Kim Seong-Tae, You Yong-Chul, Choi In-Gyu, Yo Se-Yeon), from Icheon Ceramics Village in South Korea, skillfully practice their craft.



“This summer, Haptic Lab has partnered with the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store to create a special meta-ship: a Sailing Ship Kite that resembles a old-timey schooner. Like the rest of our fleet, this ship really flies in a strong breeze and can be displayed decoratively indoors as a playful mobile. Tri-color Sailing Ship Kites are available exclusively from the MoMA Design Store.”  only $40.

canopy is where all the beautiful things from amazon go to hang out at after work. take a look for yourself, just don’t get caught staring.

introducing Kern Type. one of the most addictive games i have ever played. give it a try… (or two).

printed with disappearing ink, this special edition book by Argentinian publisher Eterna Cadencia, gives the buyer/potential reader just two months to read before all is lost.


two kids in Brooklyn created this Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, (an instant classic), and exceeded their Kickstarter goal by more than $54,000.


my new “business cards”. give it a try… google me.