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sometimes, and not a lot*, but sometimes, we get lucky** and stumble over something magical*** and special. something that allows us to understand things a bit clearer. something that reminds us we’re in this together, and something that helps us to keep moving forward despite ourselves¹. often we forget it’s even there, but it is, and when we need it the most², we are reminded to smile and share and seek out even more in life. one such something is this, a brief excerpt from an amazing commencement speech given by the late, great³ David Foster Wallace to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. it never fails to set me straight. enjoy.

*this will vary from person to person depending on a number of factors, so many in fact that it is impossible to express each and every one at this time.
** that is if you believe in luck. feel free to substitute this word freely for whatever you want to call it.
*** again, you may not believe in magic, so please feel free to substitute this word with a more appropriate adjective.
¹ or in spite of ourselves.
² or not. sometimes these things surface when we least expect it, or remind us of their presence as we wake and start our day. but for the sake of brevity and emphasis, let’s just say that they are there. end of discussion.
³ this is an opinion of course.

you can now purchase one or all of the 7600 volumes of the English language Wikipedia created by artist Michael Mandiberg, currently on view at From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! at Denny Gallery until July 11th, 2015.

Hysterical Literature is a video art series by NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt.

action comics, number one.take a page by page look through the worlds most expensive comic book ever sold.

created by perfume designer Geza Schoen, with packaging by Karl Lagerfeld, Paper Passion will leave you smelling like the pages of your favorite book. (well, that or an old librarian).



printed with disappearing ink, this special edition book by Argentinian publisher Eterna Cadencia, gives the buyer/potential reader just two months to read before all is lost.


or El Libro Negro de los Colores. text by Menena Cottin, illustrations by Rosana Faría.

The Big Book of Breasts… it’s a real page-turner. cheers!


James Joyce or Kool Keith?

(for people with talent!) by the mad men of mad men, George Lois. available through phaidon.

more George here.

Birth of a Book… born of traditional, time-honored techniques. shot/directed/edited by Glen Milner.

 or Tauba Auerbach, makes paintings just as pretty as she, (amongst other things). above, Untitled (Fold), 2010, Acrylic on canvas / Wooden stretcher, 52 x 40 inches. yes, this is a painting.

i think we all know what’s next

via TWBE

beautifully brilliant… WIM•BLE•DON, wimbledon championships, 122nd edition, men’s final (final set), Federer vs. Nadal. by BRYANKU.

for hannah.

To Frank O’Hara

Oh Frank! the party is over. and here you sit, slumped over and slouching like a sack of soiled laundry, left alone with nothing more than that miserable coffee stain and a few french cigarettes.

playing the piano, or trying, in the otherwise diluted dark, with your shoelaces untied, and the window wide-eyed and open… your grammar is now worse than your manners have ever been, just look at this mess!

the empty glasses stand still, cracked and stained with sour smiles, and the kettle has been left to boil upon the stove steaming, blowing, long and hot, reminding you of thoughtful lovers long gone.

Oh Frank! straighten out your tie and run a comb through your hair. “you needn’t be afraid of me, i do not love you.”

i’ve decided to quite smoking… for good (i.e. forever) this time, and although the idea of denying myself the pleasure of a single cigarette for the rest of my life has left me with a sense of immediate deprivation and terrifying hopelessness, i am no less determined to do so. of course i’m only on day 2 which means that i could really just give at any second and simply walk a block up the street to my local 7-eleven and proceed to buy yet another pack of delicious cigarettes. but i refuse! primarily because i’ve already passed the test of wills, (phase one and two* thank you very much), and everybody knows that once you’ve gone that far, you might as well go for the gold. so in order to stay the course i’ve been trying to keep myself busy with a variety of other distractions. one of which is reading about the trials and tribulations of other quitters, and then laughing ironically at their pain. this is how i came across David SedarisWhen You Are Engulfed in Flames. the entire book is filled with short stories about smoking, (or not), and they’re just as satisfying as any cigarette could possibly be, (<– that is a lie). in any case, i highly suggest you check it out for yourself, but if you’d rather start off with just a quick puff or two, you can read an article of his on the subject here. enjoy, and wish me luck!

*note: the test of wills phase one and two are as follows: phase 1.) go 24 hours with out a cigarette. phase 2 .) get drunk, but do not smoke!

hey everyone, it’s me james franco!

thank you, i know, i’m great. okay, anyway my friend mike here asked if i could find a few minutes in my busy schedule to write a little something for his blog explaining what it’s like to be me, the great james franco. so of course i said yes. after all, i fancy myself a bit of a writer and i have to say, i absolutely love the subject matter. now where was i? right. well, like i said i’ve been very busy lately. outside of acting i’ve been doing a lot of different projects. for instance,  i recently wrote a novel called Palo Alto, (can you guess what it’s about? haha, just kidding…) i’m also getting ready for my first art show in Berlin, so that’s james franco. let’s see,  i’m james franco on a music album with the artist Kalup Linzy which is due out james franco. but of course the big news is i’m co-hosting the Oscars this year with what’s her name, and i’ve even been jamesfranco’d for Best Actor which really blows my mind. (btw, i’m having a little party afterwards so come on by (pssssst… if your hot!) i’ve also been doing a shit load of press for all of that, james fran co cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue which is jamesf ranco. i’ll also be staring in a Broadway play coming out ja mesf ranco and co-staring tom cruises ex-wife. but perhaps what i’m most jamesfr anco about, is my new college course i’m james fran co Colombia College Hollywood that’s all about me and entitled “Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco.” yeah, it’s going to be so james fran co! ja mes fra ncojame sfrancoj ames francojames fr ancoj ames fr ancoj amesfr? an co jamesfr anc ojam, esfr’a nco j amesfra ncoj amesfr. a’n c ojamesfra ncojame sfranc, oja mesfr an cojam esf ranco jam esfra ncoj , ame sf rancoj am esfr ancojames franc! oja, m esfr ancoja, mes fra ncojam esf! ranc’o ja me sfran cojame, sfr anc ojames fran cojam es fran cojam. james franco jamesfrancojames francojamesfrancojamesfrancojames, francojamesfrancojamesfrancojamesfranco.


james franco

when i was younger my mother used to do all sorts of crafts and projects with me and my brothers and sisters. this was in part because there were six of us, (three girls followed by three boys… yeah, cuckoo town), and she had to do something in order to keep us occupied/her sanity. but she was also a very creative person as well who simply loved to get her hands glittery and make wildly wonderful things with her children. so in order to keep coming up with a variety of inexpensive yet interesting projects to create, she would constantly be on the look out for old, odd books, (there was no internet then, can you imagine),  full of fun activities and playful inventions to try out. one of the rare treasures that she somehow managed to find and share with all of us was this book, How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself by Robert Paul Smith, (and illustrated by his wife Elinor Goulding Smith). it’s filled with all sorts of (dangerously insane children’s) games, toys and projects to keep any kid, (or six), busy for the better part of a summer. of course thinking back to those childhood days makes me remember just how carefree and fun life used to be before it all got so complicated. over the years i’ve somehow managed to keep creating, (no matter how senseless it seems to be at times), but now i have to consider the craziest things, like how using crayons in my work reflects upon me as an individual… i guess i really just wish that there was an ‘adult’ version of this book. then i would know how to do nothing with nobody all alone by myself.

who does this son a bitch think he is? well, he thinks he’s Miles Fisher, “an actor, musician and digital media entrepreneur” who graduated from Harvard university in 2006. (not too shabby eh?) he also fancies himself a real lady-killer of sorts in this recent video/cover of The Talking Heads This Must be the Place. what’s creepy is he really looks and plays the part a bit too well, (then again he is a Harvard man after all…) i swear some of these shots i thought he took directly from the film American Psycho, but nope, it’s just Fisher and his ego. anyway, i thought this video was a-ma-zing, and anytime i find something that’s this good, i just want to chop somebody up into a million little pieces, then clean up all of the blood, (this parts important), and share its awesomeness with all of you. have a great day!

btw, mad props to the set designer, especially the killer Robert Longo works on the wall.

i’m really trying hard to think of another book that i’ve seen that is as beautiful and brilliant as this sexy beast here, and honestly i can’t… i can’t do it. it’s called “dream thoughts,” (or so says google translate), and was created by german print artist Maria Fischer. the book is filled with literary, philosophical, psychological and scientific text all having to do with dreams and their interpretation. but that’s really the boring part, because what Maria has done with that information is, well… fucking awesome. playing conceptually with the idea of dreams and their physicality, Maria has intertwined numerous novelties throughout the book in order to really tie in/up her chosen subject matter. inside each page she has sewn in literal threads like hyperlinks that skip through the book from one page to another, highlighting specific words in color-coded form. these threads eventually come together in the end of each section and are strung out to form a delicate and colorful geometric composition constellation. furthermore, she has also created several pages of hand-sewn text where she stitched in “meaningful passages” and then intentionally sewn the pages together making the messages impossible to read. all of this of course alludes to the complex yet ambiguous nature of our dreams and our own confusion of their seemingly independent manifestation. i would have to say that this book is near perfect, and i say near simply because if this was my book of dreams, there would be a whole hell of a lot more tits and ass, ohhh yeah! (h)you know what I’m talking about…

you can see more pictures, as well as Maria’s other work here.