anyone who knows-me-knows-me knows that i’ve seen a few movies in my time (to put it mildly). it’s not that i’m some sort of film fanatic or anything. in fact, i don’t even own a single movie… it’s just that i’m lazy, extremely lazy, and so instead of filing my free time with healthy, productive activities, i instead lay around on my ass and watch a movie or two. anyway, the other day while exploring the internets, (another absolutely inert interest of mine), i came across this website/game called Famous Objects from Classic Movies. feeling feisty and ready for a bit of exercise, i sat up and began to waste away the next hour of my life matching model to movie until i answered every one of their 100 questions, (exhausting i know). the game plays out exactly as you would imagine and includes both older and newer “classics“. of course the best part is that we can all now finally play a few rounds of charades without a.) getting out of bed, b.) inviting the annoying family friend, and c.) looking like a total douchebag. so thanks FOFCM for the upgrade, my life is now filled with fun! (j/k. it’s still shitty).