you know those old polaroids that you keep hidden away in that cigar box of yours?  the ones you take out and thumb through every now and again after your fourth or fifth whisky? you know what i’m talking about… there are photographs that you keep, and then there are photographs that keep you. they may haunt, they may heal, they may be used against you in a court of law. or, they may just be the work of bay area photographer Hannah Olivia Nelson. much like that last drink, Hannah‘s narrative work plays upon our memory of people and places possibly forgotten. her photos possess a feeling of unsettling familiarity, a sense that we have been there, we have felt that, and now its time to move on… (if only we could). in short, Hannah Nelson’s work reminds us of a past as fleeting as the present. and no matter how much we may drink and/or try to forget, (or try to remember for that matter), these moments are worth a long and languid look, even if it is three in the morning. cheers!