i’ve decided to quite smoking… for good (i.e. forever) this time, and although the idea of denying myself the pleasure of a single cigarette for the rest of my life has left me with a sense of immediate deprivation and terrifying hopelessness, i am no less determined to do so. of course i’m only on day 2 which means that i could really just give at any second and simply walk a block up the street to my local 7-eleven and proceed to buy yet another pack of delicious cigarettes. but i refuse! primarily because i’ve already passed the test of wills, (phase one and two* thank you very much), and everybody knows that once you’ve gone that far, you might as well go for the gold. so in order to stay the course i’ve been trying to keep myself busy with a variety of other distractions. one of which is reading about the trials and tribulations of other quitters, and then laughing ironically at their pain. this is how i came across David SedarisWhen You Are Engulfed in Flames. the entire book is filled with short stories about smoking, (or not), and they’re just as satisfying as any cigarette could possibly be, (<– that is a lie). in any case, i highly suggest you check it out for yourself, but if you’d rather start off with just a quick puff or two, you can read an article of his on the subject here. enjoy, and wish me luck!

*note: the test of wills phase one and two are as follows: phase 1.) go 24 hours with out a cigarette. phase 2 .) get drunk, but do not smoke!