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what better way to start the weekend than with a slideshow full of hot girls and the bicycles they rode in on. now this was no easy task mind you. i had to look at literally hundreds of these photographs in order to choose just the right ones, (the torture i endure for you people…) luckily i found an amazing site called TheFixFixFix which had every image a boy could hope for and then some. (really though, their gallery is the tits!) with so many ladies to choose from it was truly tough to decide who to pick and who to pitch. so i did what any man would have done in my position and went with the girls who showed the most skin. (skin=naked=sex=good). of course i did censor my selection quite a bit, you know, to stay classy, but as you can see i still managed to squeeze a few titties in here and there, (if only… (i’m so sad)). as for my female readers, well, don’t hate on me just yet. i’ve got a little something special for all of you as well. just click here on this magic link and enjoy! (your quite welcome).

have a great weekend everyone!