after the tragically disappointing valentine’s day i was forced to endure, i decided it was time to find a new love in my life, someone who knows exactly what i want and is more than willing to give it to me. enter Laurel Nakadate, (pronounced na-kah-dah-tee, unless used in the form of a double entendre, (see above)), a video artist and photographer who is known for a series of works in which she seduces and then records her encounters with sad and lonely middle-aged men. there’s a lot going on in these shots… obviously issues of sex/sexuality, power, voyeurism and control overwhelm these scenes, but its the questions and concerns of much more meaningful topics such as honesty, trust and vulnerability that rise to the surface with somewhat uncomfortable, if not unsettling results. of course as with most women, there’s more to Laurel Nakadate than sexual manipulation and questions of control…

she has also created an amazing body of photography that is just as complex and compelling as any of her video works. Her series Lucky Tiger is a rare bit of photography that lies somewhere between the boundaries of both installation and performance art. Here the artist has handed out a small selection of seductive self-portraits to a group of several men, all of which have been recently fingerprinted. The result is a smudgy, smutty record of sexual scrutiny and voyeuristic desire that would have otherwise gone unseen. also not far removed from this same self-absorbed/self-less(?) act of exposure and exhibitionism, (but in quite another manner altogether), is her photographic series entitled 365 Days: A Catalogue of Tears. everyday from january 1st  until december 31st 2010, the artist actively participated in the act of sadness by photographing herself crying once a day, every day, for the entire year. as with her other work the gesture is as contrived as it is genuine, and begs for both our affection and attention, if not an immediate cause for concern, (this girl knows what she’s doing!)

anyway, i could go on and on about how wonderful Laurel Nakadate’s work is, but what i really wanted to let you all know is that she, (the new love of my life), will be here is San Francisco next week to give a free lecture, (on february 23rd at CCA in S.F.), as well as a special screening of her two films The Wolf Knife and Stay The Same Never Change, (on the 24th at the Roxie Theatre). how fucking great is that? i’ll tell ya, best-news-all-fucking-year-great! it’s truly not to be missed, well, that is if you have any interest in photography, video, art in general, or really hot amazing “womyn” (in particular). so be there, or be square! just save a seat for me… (please?!)

if this was somehow not enough information on the amazing Laurel Nakadate, (as its certainly not for me), feel free to check out this review for her latest show at P.S.1, or read a recent interview of hers here.