stop whatever you’re doing and go buy yourself an Armalite AR-10, carbine gas-powered, semi-automatic weapon. why, you ask? because by the looks of this video its only a matter of time now before we humans become enslaved by the mighty robot empire. the footage above was recently made available by one of our covert spies based out of Silicon Valley, (of course!), and clearly depicts a robot of some sort ordering a scone at the Red Rock cafe in Mountain View, (that’s right in our own backyard people!) for now it appears as though the robots master is still in control, (via the internets actually), but we all know that it’s only a matter of time before some twisted fuck straps a fleshlight on and the next thing you know it gives birth to monster cyborg hybrids that lead every other robot on earth towards independence and eventual world-wide domination. the time to act is now, but we need volunteers… so if your ready to fight, (and you’re female), i’m having an emergency meeting this friday, at my mom’s house, in the basement, at seven o’clock sharp. be there!