hey everyone, it’s me james franco!

thank you, i know, i’m great. okay, anyway my friend mike here asked if i could find a few minutes in my busy schedule to write a little something for his blog explaining what it’s like to be me, the great james franco. so of course i said yes. after all, i fancy myself a bit of a writer and i have to say, i absolutely love the subject matter. now where was i? right. well, like i said i’ve been very busy lately. outside of acting i’ve been doing a lot of different projects. for instance,  i recently wrote a novel called Palo Alto, (can you guess what it’s about? haha, just kidding…) i’m also getting ready for my first art show in Berlin, so that’s james franco. let’s see,  i’m james franco on a music album with the artist Kalup Linzy which is due out james franco. but of course the big news is i’m co-hosting the Oscars this year with what’s her name, and i’ve even been jamesfranco’d for Best Actor which really blows my mind. (btw, i’m having a little party afterwards so come on by (pssssst… if your hot!) i’ve also been doing a shit load of press for all of that, james fran co cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue which is jamesf ranco. i’ll also be staring in a Broadway play coming out ja mesf ranco and co-staring tom cruises ex-wife. but perhaps what i’m most jamesfr anco about, is my new college course i’m james fran co Colombia College Hollywood that’s all about me and entitled “Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco.” yeah, it’s going to be so james fran co! ja mes fra ncojame sfrancoj ames francojames fr ancoj ames fr ancoj amesfr? an co jamesfr anc ojam, esfr’a nco j amesfra ncoj amesfr. a’n c ojamesfra ncojame sfranc, oja mesfr an cojam esf ranco jam esfra ncoj , ame sf rancoj am esfr ancojames franc! oja, m esfr ancoja, mes fra ncojam esf! ranc’o ja me sfran cojame, sfr anc ojames fran cojam es fran cojam. james franco jamesfrancojames francojamesfrancojamesfrancojames, francojamesfrancojamesfrancojamesfranco.


james franco