when i was younger my mother used to do all sorts of crafts and projects with me and my brothers and sisters. this was in part because there were six of us, (three girls followed by three boys… yeah, cuckoo town), and she had to do something in order to keep us occupied/her sanity. but she was also a very creative person as well who simply loved to get her hands glittery and make wildly wonderful things with her children. so in order to keep coming up with a variety of inexpensive yet interesting projects to create, she would constantly be on the look out for old, odd books, (there was no internet then, can you imagine),  full of fun activities and playful inventions to try out. one of the rare treasures that she somehow managed to find and share with all of us was this book, How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself by Robert Paul Smith, (and illustrated by his wife Elinor Goulding Smith). it’s filled with all sorts of (dangerously insane children’s) games, toys and projects to keep any kid, (or six), busy for the better part of a summer. of course thinking back to those childhood days makes me remember just how carefree and fun life used to be before it all got so complicated. over the years i’ve somehow managed to keep creating, (no matter how senseless it seems to be at times), but now i have to consider the craziest things, like how using crayons in my work reflects upon me as an individual… i guess i really just wish that there was an ‘adult’ version of this book. then i would know how to do nothing with nobody all alone by myself.