who does this son a bitch think he is? well, he thinks he’s Miles Fisher, “an actor, musician and digital media entrepreneur” who graduated from Harvard university in 2006. (not too shabby eh?) he also fancies himself a real lady-killer of sorts in this recent video/cover of The Talking Heads This Must be the Place. what’s creepy is he really looks and plays the part a bit too well, (then again he is a Harvard man after all…) i swear some of these shots i thought he took directly from the film American Psycho, but nope, it’s just Fisher and his ego. anyway, i thought this video was a-ma-zing, and anytime i find something that’s this good, i just want to chop somebody up into a million little pieces, then clean up all of the blood, (this parts important), and share its awesomeness with all of you. have a great day!

btw, mad props to the set designer, especially the killer Robert Longo works on the wall.