here’s an amazing ‘little’ project going on in our own backyard. Janice Whaley of San Jose has taken it upon herself to re-record every single song The Smiths ever produced between the years 1984-87 using nothing but her own voice. (that’s right, no instruments whatsoever… think Björk, but on the proper medication). what’s even more astounding perhaps is that she recorded each of the tracks in a closet sized room at home, while tending to a full-time job and her four year old son, (wow!) and the results i must say are simply stunning. i truly love each and every track that i’ve listened to, (all of which are available here), and i thought she did a remarkable job staying true to the originals while doing her own wildly wonderful thing. the project in it’s entirety is overwhelmingly beautiful, (hauntingly even), but more importantly for me, truly inspirational. for despite whatever commercial recognition and/or success may come her way, Janice Whaley’s The Smith’s Project will stand as a testament to what one can achieve with bold determination, an intense passion and remarkable skill. so thanks Janice, for both the music and the motivation, and i promise i will never again complain about not having enough time for _______, (or at least i’ll try not too!)