so this is a project i recently finished for the mauve? gallery fundraiser based upon a show i had there some time back. i’ve used a qr code here instead of an actual image so whoever it is that ends up with the work, (just by making a $150 donation…) can scan the poster with their smart phone using a qr code reader and end up with the entire installation in the palm of their hand. great idea right? well, here’s where the irony comes into play. i actually don’t have a smart phone myself, so at this point i have no idea if this image is accurate enough to be read correctly and therefore work. crazy right? right. what i’m hoping for at this point is that one of you, (yes you), can scan this image with your blackberry or what have you, and let me know if this directs you to the correct webpage. so how about it, a little help here please? anyone..?