i swear sometimes i think people are spying on me. take this video for instance. it’s almost as if they followed me around my apartment some sunny morning and secretly video taped me just lounging about. well i’ve had it, enough is enough people! i need my privacy! anyway, the above footage is from a new ad for Oliver Peoples Designer Eyewear which was created by Lisa Eisner/NOWNESS, and features the ‘talents’ of both Devendra Banhart and girlfriend/model Rebecca Schwartz. of course a year or two ago these two were not an item. in fact he was seeing Natalie Portman, (who is now dead to the world), and she was dating this guy. (as they say, love fades?) but enough about the help. the real story here is that this video was actually shot on location at The Rainbow House, one of architect John Lautner’s amazing los angeles area masterpieces, (although i personally prefer the Sheats Goldstein Residence which was featured in one of the best movies ever). The Rainbow House is truly one of the greatest residences in la and definitely a work of art in itself. clearly, it  steals the show here. i for one was far too busy checking out the building’s facade with its powerful arching lines and solid yet sophisticated structural elements to even pay attention to anything else. i mean, when you see something as sexy and sensual as that right in front of your eyes, it’s kind of hard not to notice. am i right, or am i right