it’s time for a mixed tape.  love songs for no one, (i stole that title from one of my brothers playlists, (it wasn’t doing him any good now was it…)), is a collection of love songs from various artists to no one in particular, just like the mixes you used to make in high school for ____________. so why love songs you may ask? well, i’ve been thinking a lot about ‘love’ lately, (okay so maybe they’re kinda-sorta for someone?), and i wanted to write a bit about the subject here on my blog. but once i read what i had actually wrote… well, let’s just say i decided to spare all of you from my own self-absorbed sentiments and instead offer a mixed tape on the topic. consider it an early valentines day present of sorts, (yeah, that’s coming up quick, time to scramble people!) and if for some reason you actually do enjoy the songs, (like, because you have good taste in music, (i.e. my tastes)), feel free to download the mix and give it to someone you’ve been thinking of*. after all, everybody loves music, even if they don’t love you…

you can sample each track in it’s entirety by clicking on the links after the jump, or download the entire mix for free here.


*wordpress and it’s affiliates neither endorse nor guarantee the results of this product in any way, and for that matter, neither does the author of this post/blog.

1.) This Will Be Our Year… Ok Go

2.) Come on Sister… Belle and Sebastian

3.) Consolation Prizes… Phoenix

4.) The Start of Something… Voxtrot

5.) Family Tree… Ben Kweller

6.) Hurry Up Let’s Go… Shout Out Louds

7.) Love Me Like You… Magic Numbers

8.) My Hands are Shaking… Sondre Lerche

9.) First Day of My Life… Bright Eyes

10.) I Want You!… Peter Bjorn and John

11.) Last Dance… Math and Physics Club

12.) Undeclared… The Dodos

13.) Can You Tell… Ra Ra Riot

14.) You Are What You Love… Jenny Lewis