Vivian Maier is the greatest photographer  you have never heard of. during her quiet and secluded life she took over 100,000 photographs, all of which had been stored away, unseen and unappreciated until just the last few years. the majority of her work depicts the urban life and landscape of chicago during the 1950’s, and is easily on par with the greats of this genre. unfortunately, very little is known about Vivian Maier but a few facts are clear. she was an extremely private person who kept few friends, never married, never had any children of her own, and died alone in 2009. but she always had her camera and her passion for photography, and she took every one of those photographs solely for herself. it wasn’t to become rich, or famous, or likewise a mere hobby. no, taking pictures was her life. a lesson indeed captured on film for every aspiring (read: struggling) artist… thank you Vivian Maier.