take advantage of santa clauses left over toys with the Santa Claw, a giant claw grabbing toy machine made up of 2,000 lbs of steel, 700 ft of wire, 1 1/2 wheelchairs, and, a little bit of love. created by the brainiacs, (and let’s face it bad-asses), at Real Art Design Group, the machine was designed to be controlled by remote computer, (i.e. your computer), and is filled to the brim with wonderfully wrapped christmas presents. to score one of your own, simply go to their web site, create a user i.d., and automatically be entered into a virtual queue. (i just signed in and have 450 minutes to go until fun time, (oh i can’t wait!!!)). now here’s the best part, if you do get lucky and win a prize, they will ship your gift off to you absolutely free of charge… it doesn’t get much better than that! so what are you waiting for? if your christmas was shit, (and let’s face it, it probably was), here’s a second chance to get something you may actually want.