SEEKING SOMEONE: possibly you is a new group show opening up at Timezone Gallery this friday, january 7th in san francisco. we all need a certain somebody to share our lives with. and even though this longing may make us all a bit crazy at times, it’s one of the things that make/keep us human. SEEKING SOMEONE investigates this natural need for companionship and invites us all to share in this emotional and physical desire collectively. hopefully in doing so, we may all become a bit closer, and in turn, feel a little less alone. featuring work from Luca Antonucci, Ana Belen Cantoni, Colleen Collett, Kathleen Eastwood, Carrie Elzey, Marina Goncharova, Michelle Morby, Sabina Nieto, Carissa Potter, Lila Savage, Brooke Westfall, and Daniel Yovino. so stop on by and take a look at the show, (running until january 31st), you just might meet that special someone… or not, probably not.