sleep. sleep is a real good thing. i love sleeping, (see above), and usually i log in about 9 hours (+) a night. yeah, i’m that good at it, or at least i was. over the last week i’ve been getting less and less sleep, 8 hours, then 6, then 4, until finally tonight, zero. that’s right, it’s currently 6:18 am and i have finally given up. so of course i begin to wonder just why this is, why am i suddenly unable to sleep? my first thought was that those 9, (okay maybe 10), hour nights have finally caught up with me, and every one of those extra hours has finally pushed my sleep cycle into daylight, or for that matter eliminated it completely. (time to make some homemade soap and start  a fight club, (yeah right!)). then i remembered this book i had recently read where one of the characters had developed this rare brain disorder causing certain proteins to become mutated and plaque over the part of her brain that regulated sleep. she eventually became “unhinged”, then comatose, then dead. i’m already at step one, not very promising… of course the likelihood of this happening to me is a bit of a stretch, and so my mind continued on aimlessly coming up with more questions than answers. just what is sleep anyway, and what happens at that magical point when we cross over that bridge and fall into unconsciousness? does a switch click on or off? for that matter, what are dreams, where do they come from and why do we have them? i remember how i used to be able to control my dreams, (they call this “lucid dreaming“), and i loved it, but i can’t do it so much anymore. i wonder why? anyway, i’ve considered all of this and more because when you don’t sleep you have way too much time on your hands, and then what do you do? you think stupid thoughts. that’s when it hit me… this, this is why i haven’t been able to fall asleep! because i think of so much shit, (i.e. art, unicorns, germs, cigarettes, a girl/s, death, how and why i need to change my life, etc.), that it all just keeps racing around and around in my head until i reach a state of constant static thought and then there’s no turning it off! fuck… maybe from now on i’ll just get drunk before i go to bed and then i’ll be sure to crash out. after all it seems to work for other people, and anything has to be better than subjecting all of you to this mindless drivel… (my apologies, btw). cheers!