lunar eclipses are extremely camera shy. in fact they are easily embarrassed and overtly sheepish in nature due to their inexplicable lack of self-confidence. lunar eclipses are terrified of public speaking. although they have a lot to say, they know they are only truly appreciated for their physical appearance and not their ideas on socioeconomic policies. lunar eclipses rarely attend any social events. they are often scrutinized and criticized for their reserved and withdrawn lifestyles even though they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to international charities and non-profit organization. lunar eclipses are not an apocalyptic sign from the heavens. they are often misunderstood and thought of as being dark or mysterious in charachter when in actuality they are simply clinically depressed. (because of this, addiction to antidepressants within the lunar eclipse community are ten times higher than that of their solar counterparts). lunar eclipses are making a comeback. in many ways they never left, always offering a great product at an affordable price through thousands of locations nationwide.