from the Blume family

so here’s a little christmas card i made. i was inspired by both friends and family this year, (as well as my lack of expendable funds), to try and create a couple of my own. the image was taken from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore and is a portrait portrayed in the film of the estranged Blume family. i think the picture in general really has a “have a day” type feel to it, or in this case “have a holiday”, and so i couldn’t resist playing with that awkwardness which seems to show up in so many family photo christmas cards. anyway, now that i have finished a few, (including a Tron Guy and a Danielle Steel edition), i just can’t imagine ever buying another bullshit card again. of course i suppose this means i’ll be busy making them year round, but i feel it’s worth the trouble as long as i can help to limit the amount of suck in this world… (oh, and save a few bucks as well). holiday’s to you all!