fml! i was talking to a friend just yesterday about all of the problems i’ve had trying to learn a foreign language, so of course today i see this amazing little iphone app plastered all over the internets. sometimes i can’t help but feel as if i’m simply the butt of the universes longest running cosmic joke, which of course doesn’t seem very fair to me, especially considering all of the other possible prospects running around out there. anyway, it’s called the Word Lens, (wow, what a great name huh? (<– sarcasm)) and it magically translates any text from one language into another in real time via the camera on your iphone. yeah, just like that… so i’m set right? wrong, because i don’t have an iphone or any other kind of “smart phone” for that matter. nope, i have a dumb phone. so technically i’m still screwed as far as the whole foreign language thing goes, but let’s get real here people. now that i know that this type of thing actually exists and is out there in the real world, do you honestly think i’m still going to try to learn yagán? reeeaaaal… i am so done with all of that. thank you technology!