here’s a great little conceptual number, an actual facebook book! it was created by Siavosh Zabeti, an incredible designer that seems to be full of great ideas, and developed by Perfect Fools for DDB Paris. what struck me after viewing this video was just how powerful the idea of facebook really is without all the facebook bullshit. it truly can be a valuable record of our everyday lives, collecting a wealth of personal information and interaction, as well reflecting the things that matter to each of us as individuals. but when that genuine sentiment is tossed about in a wash of  pointless activity and overrun with virtual farmers and corporate identities trying to poke you up the apps, your left with something else altogether, (and what that is i have no idea… a social network?) once you remove that toxic content however, your left with an album of sorts to share your favorite online moments. in the end, i suppose this book is truly special not just for what it includes, but what it leaves out as well.