with only 18 more days until christmas i suppose it’s finally time to get into the holiday cheer and all that. so if your in the mood for some christmas music, but don’t want to spend the money on yet another cliché compilation album that you’ll either lose or throw away, then check out the christmas channel over on san francisco’s very own soma fm. i’ve been listening to it now for a few hours and i gotta say, i almost feel compelled to go out and buy myself a peppermint mocha. and since your already there, and it is christmas time and all, why not help the folks out at soma fm by making a small donation to their year-end fundraising drive so that they can continue to provide great, commercial-free, internet radio year round. so go ahead… do something nice for a change, then treat yourself to some great christmas music, a few mugs of eggnog and a cozy spot next to the fire. god bless the internets!