you can tell from the phrenology bust and the folded glasses that this is really going to be an analytical type of discussion… the good people at Pentagram, an international team of interdisciplinary designers and devil worshipers, pose the question what type are you? now don’t worry, this isn’t some form of an OkCupid questionnaire, (douche chiiilllll), far from it. instead, it’s an extremely funny and engaging interactive video that determines the type of font you would be if you were cursed, jinxed or otherwise bewitched and turned into an enchanted set of encyclopedia’s. (a lot of hocus-pocus in this post). in the video, your presented with a headless, yet gesture-loving freudian figure that proceeds to ask you (rather impatiently) four simple yet suitable questions based upon your personality and overall outlook. once you’ve finished, presto! your awarded your phenotypic, typographical equivalent. (note* if you get comic sans, do the world a favor and kill yourself). so what was my type you ask? universal of course! created by Herbert Bayer, one of the great Bauhaus designers (and last surviving member), universal is well balanced, stylish and uses no capital letters, (imagine that!) so give it a try yourself, unless your afraid you bordeaux italic LET plain