every time i see something like this i get instantly agitated. here’s a new type of water bottle that can completely deteriorate in less than five years, and the corporation behind it, Earth Water, is an amazing organization who, with the help of the United Nations World Food Program, is helping to provide clean drinking water to all who need it the world over. in fact, Earth Water contributes 100% of their profits to do just that. so what’s the trouble, why the frustration? because this sort of thing always seems to come around far too late. i mean, it’s 2010, almost 2011, we’re supposed to have flying cars by now and robots who take care of us. instead, we’re just now getting around to developing a biodegradable plastic water bottle? wtf?! and of course it was developed and manufactured in europe, not the united states where our interest are obviously elsewhere even though we use more plastic bottles than any other country, an estimated 29.8 billion every year. then there’s the other bit… why are we stopping at water bottles? why don’t we use the same process and technology to manufacture all “pro tem” plastic products like this amazing little container that could? can it really be so difficult? (no. we’re humans, the people that brought you the pyramids, atomic energy and the gyro). in any case, my respect and admiration go out to the people at Earth Water, as well as to everyone out there trying to make a difference, but i’m still waiting on that flying car, one that doesn’t look like duck dick.