mother fucking Hennesy Youngman, (a.k.a. henrock the king, a.k.a. henrock-o-lah, a.k.a. henrock obama), knows what’s up, and he has a whole series of videos called ART THOUGHTZ filled with words of wisdom for anyone who cares to listen. in this episode the Henrock keeps it real and reveals the four, (or maybe it was really just two?), components to become a rich, successful artist. and i got to say, although his advice may be a bit oversimplified, he definitely covers the essentials (sadly). of course, i’m not so sure about the whole “white” thing anymore, but i would have to say you definitely need to speak english, french or german, (same difference i suppose some would say), and let’s not forget making it shiny never hurts your chances either. in any case, the big man knows his shit and he serves it up straight, or as he likes to put it, (TO QUOTE B.I.G.) “I BEEN IN THIS GAME FOR YEARS/ IT MADE ME AN ANIMAL/ THERE’S RULES TO THIS SHIT/ I WROTE ME A MANUAL/ A STEP BY STEP BOOK TO GET YOUR GAME ON TRACK” IMA HELP YA’LL MAKE IT IN THE ART WORLD WITH MY SIMPLE INSTRUCTION YA’LL! believe.