attention: make sure to read the following in your best scottish/british accent.

oh proper joy! it looks like mr. David Shrigley has a new book out, and it’s much more yellow than his others. of course he’s known for his odd wit and child-like “drawrings”, but did you know he’s also one of the few artist whose own website pops up above his wiki page when running a google search? (that’s right, go ahead and try it… right-nice wasn’t it?) that’s not so common you know, for an artist to be bigger than his wiki. anyway, the book’s appropriately entitled What the Hell are You Doing?: The Essential David Shrigley, and it’s loaded with 352 pages of  bizarre bits and peculiar pieces. i’ve got to say i’m as pleased as a school boy to see this out as it is, and just in time for the holidays too! (end accent now).