i’m originally from southern california where burritos fall from the trees like apples. so you can imagine my concern when i moved up here to the bay area that i might never enjoy myself another delicious burrito again. obviously i worried for nada, and was pleased as punch jarritos to see so many taquerias around. which led me to wonder… just who does makes the best burrito in san francisco? of course, this question is a tough one to answer, and certainly i had no business in attempting to solve it myself. so instead, i hit the internets to try and find a solution, and find one i did! the Burrito Eater strives to be “the Web’s most complete source of information on San Francisco taquerias”, and believe me they are. with over 800 burritos under their belt, (literally), Burrito Eater offers a comprehensive rating of each including points scored for, tortilla, cheese, temperature, burstage abatement, rice, vegetables, ingredient mix, size, meat, beans, sauciness, spiciness, shrug element, clang! element,  and even intangibility(?). they also offer information on the premises itself, providing a photo with each rating as well as it’s location, appearance, hours, and  my personal favorite, health and safety rating. simply put, these guys are the burrito masters. with that being said, here are their top five taquerias for burritos in the mission district…

#1 La Espiga de Oro

#2 Papalote

#3 Taquerias San Francisco

#4 El Farolito

#5 El Castillito

if your hungry for more, just click here to see the reviews for the entire peninsula, (and of course feel free to post your own favorites/opinions below). hasta la vista baby