Carissa Potter is a nicely dressed young lady who recently received her masters of fine art in printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute, (not to be confused with the Art Institute of San Francisco, or heaven forbid the Academy of Art, San Francisco). her work is all about… hmmm, no. she makes things that are, uhm, wait. she does drawings? i got it(!) Carissa creates emotionally based printed works of affection, longing, and sentimentality, all of which she cleverly serves with a side of casual humor and a bit of whipped cream to sweeten the (or)deal. (see above). but perhaps what makes her work so sweet and so special is the personal nature and tone in which her cards, prints and installations typically take on. a perfect example of this effort is her new exhibition at mauve? gallery entitled From Here to There, on view from november 9th to december 5th. here, (or there), with the help of co-creator and collaborator Luca Antonucci, she has created a number of delights that deal with the troubles of transmission, translation and troubled love as openly and honestly as ever. never failing to illustrate the brighter side of a bad situation, Carissa continues to examine her own hopes and fears before us all, allowing the pieces to fall where they may. with that being said, i strongly encourage all of you to take a closer look at your own heart, and possibly her’s, here.