besides sex, i’d be hard pressed to think of anything better in this big beautiful world than a good ol’ choose your own adventure novel and a bit of free time on my hands. i mean, just think about it… it’s like living in james bond’s dreams. except, you can control it!  and your not you… your a bad-ass hero astronaut, and nancy drew wants to marry you, and the hardy boys are like your best friends, they even helped you move recently. of course now that i’m older i’d be laughed at for carrying around “the third planet from altair”. instead, i’m supposed to have something academic and appropriate under my arm, something real respectable like. luckily though i’ve found the next best thing. Editing the Dead is an interactive re-cut of the original 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead that lets you make all the crucial decisions to move the story along anyway you want, (just don’t stay in the car as your first choice…), all in the privacy of your own home where nobody will laugh at you for being a child unless you live with family which in that case the degradation is constant. in any case, give it a spin and see how you like it. what’s the worst that could happen? (you could die a painful and violent death actually. but that’s it).