ghost, 8.21.09, Pencil on Illustration Board, 40 x 32 inches..JPGand yet another drawing of mine, (sorry no tits this time). it’s entitled ghøst and was a collaboration of sorts between the talented danish photographer Kim Høltermand and myself. as soon as i had seen it, i knew i wanted to work with the image. it’s fresh, hip, clean, contemporary, and an amazing example of obscure portraiture. (besides, everybody loves a comfy hoodie!) the paper pin-wheels came later after i did a bit of research on that odd ø used in scandinavian languages, (and Kim’s last name). you see, that ø is a bit of a linguistic anomaly. not only is it a letter, (creating a long u sound), but in danish it is also used as an entire word meaning “island”. i really liked this funny little fact, and luckily one of the titles i had been kicking around was of course the word ghost. so the next thing you know, i turn ghost into ghøst, and ghøst = gust, hence the pinwheels. so now i ike to imagine that every time someone blows on one, they literally and physically change the name of the drawing from ghost to gust. of course i realize that this concept works better in my head than in the real world where it’s supposed to function, but whatever… it’s my drawing and i’ll do what i want.