i’m no “beautiful losers” lover, but i must admit that each of those artists has contributed something unique to the “mainstream”, in particular what i like to refer to as the “un-art”. (i know, the quotations are getting a bit sickening…) by this i mean the unappreciated, the unknowns, the unwanted, unseen world of reality. and certainly the work of san francisco artist Dave Schubert is no exception. under his own admission, he has attempted to do nothing more than “to try and make good photographs of what I am interested in making a picture of at that moment in time”, (last quotes i promise). and yet somehow he has consistently managed to capture a specific scene or sector otherwise overlooked and under-appreciated, (namely the counter-culture lifestyle and attitude of the Mission School and other san francisco based underground art movements), all in a manner and style completely his own. and now you can view a sampling of this photographic record on view at his debut show with The Shooting Gallery entitled Vision is a Dream running from november 13th until december 4th. the show consists of 18, documentary, portrait, reportague, abstract, and experimental photographs taken from 1992 – 2006. so get down there and take a look for yourself before the hype becomes history.