i suppose printmaking has always seemed like something of a magic trick to me, probably because i haven’t done much of it myself. but beyond that there’s also something amazing about having the power to pop-out and reproduce multiples of the same image at will. this act seems even more unbelievable to me as an artist, a very lonely artist who spends countless hours indoors, in solitude, driving myself crazy over whether a scribble, a literal fucking scribble, looks right or wrong, (not to mention the madness of trying to figure out if that’s even possible, and just what is right, and what is wrong anyway?) getting back to the point, printmaking is magic. and letterpress is super magic. so imagine my glee when i came across the video above. produced by the good people over at Gestalten, this feature focuses on the amazing talent to be found at  Studio on Fire, a design, art and craft house based out of minneapolis, minnesota. sof design director ben levitz goes out of his way to explain both the limitations and advantages of his practice, as well as express what it takes to press on. (c’mon you knew there would be at least one horrible pun in here).