because everybody believes that theirs will last a lifetime, the Museum of Broken Relationships opened recently after a spirited and successful world tour, (including a stop at san francisco’s Root Division gallery (back in february 2009)). along the way the future museum accepted donations and personal relics to contribute to their archive and permanent collection, a selection of which can also be found in their new 2oo page book of twisted sentiment and repressed sorrow. i suppose this means that my collection of mixed-tapes i’ve personally amassed over the years finally has a place to rest. sometimes it’s just so hard to let go. and that’s why it’s nice to know that at least now we have somewhere to go to witness the collective failures of anonymous strangers, (<– new name of my autobiography, look for it this spring), and feel better about ourselves. just remember one thing. i’m not laughing at you, i’m laughing with you.