brought to you by the fine french folks over at La Blogotheque the take-away shows began as an experiment in sharing live music via the internet. every week a new artist or band is invited along to sing a song or two live in public, be it on a bus, in the metro, on the streets, in a bar, wherever… all the while the camera keeps rolling and the music never stops. enter the brooklyn based band Yeasayer, a small group of odd bloods who will remind you more of your high school buddies than the rising stars of indie that they seem to be today. their music has been described as experimental, psychedelic, even worldbeat, but by the bands own admission their sound is much more a “middle eastern-psych-snap-gospel”, and/or “enya with bounce”. in the end, and as the video above lays witness to, it’s simply great beer drinking music; the kind that can as easily piss off the neighbors as it can inspire a revolution of love and brotherhood. so take a look and listen for yourself, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the 250 bands to be found over on the take-away shows via La Blogotheque. its a great way to waist away a stormy sunday and still feel as though you were part of something special.