ah yes, the 5th of november. two days before my birthday, and a friday no less. a fine day to celebrate whatever, like… dynamic typography! (that’s exactly what you had in mind as well i know. we’re becoming so close. pretty soon we’ll start finishing each others… ahhhh!) you see, normally text stays still, like the words on this blog, or a basket full of taxidermic kittens. but when your truly obsessed with typography, as a lot of kids are today, (i heard their even huffing it out of paper bags), then you really just want to make it do things that it would otherwise not normally do. so you buy ’em a few drinks, and then you casually ask if they’ve ever thought about being in a movie, and voila! you get something like what we have up top. so enjoy this 5th of november 2010, you only get one.