Suki , Pencil on Illustration Board, 40 x 30 inches.

i figured it was about time for a little shameless self-promotion. meet Suki. not mere eye candy mind you, but my latest drawing, (latest meaning i finished it back in june. i know, i know… i’m lazy, get off my back!) and my first attempt at the female nude, or half nude anyway. i realize that there are a lot of people, (mainly in the art “community”), that will see this work as nothing more than a shallow example of technical skill, void of any honest expression or emotion. but that’s where their wrong. because what those people don’t realize is that this is not just a superficial reproduction of reality, no sir! it’s also a great set of tits. so for those of you who can appreciate such work, you can find my entire online portfolio over on the behance network. enjoy, and let me know what you think…

*original photograph by Tom Hoops.