cool iris is an amazing browser add-on that allows you to search for photos and videos seamlessly across the internets in a slick, three-dimensional format. but of course that stiff ,wordy intro doesn’t even begin to truly describe what it’s like to use. let’s see, how can i put this… scrolling through a search on cool iris is like being kevin flynn, (a.k.a. clu), flying through the game grid. well, maybe it’s not that bad ass, but it’s definitely not like any other type of browser out there. in fact, i have reason to believe that it’s actually from the future sent back in time to save all of mankind from googles new abomination of an image search engine. what’s odd is that cool iris has actually been around since 2006, and yet nobody seems to know it exists. as someone who spends a large part of their day searching through images and video on the www, i find it to be a refreshing and valuable tool, (much like my navy blue mira cool headband), and i highly suggest you give it a try, (both cool iris and the headband that is).