last tuesday voters decided to pass a law in san francisco to outlaw sitting or lying in the street or sidewalk between the hours of 7 am to 11 pm in an asinine attempt to discourage panhandling. yeah, fucking stupid. i thought gee, this has to be the dumbest law that san francisco has on the books… and then i saw this article over on gawker, (yes, gawker), entitled “10 things that are banned in san francisco”. that’s when i realized just how redonkulous this city had become. take a look for yourself…

1. toys in happy meals, (now called sad meals)

2. plastic bags in large chain retail stores

3. bottled water bought/sold on city property

4. smoking in any building or in an outside patio area. clove cigarettes are not permitted to even be sold

5. baby animals. it’s illegal to sell baby chickens ducks or rabbits

6. segways on sidewalks or bike paths because they are thought to promote laziness

7. soda and juice drinks with no real fruit juice can not be sold on city property

8. arizona. city employees are not allowed to travel to the crazed state

9. firearms of any kind in public advertisements

and 10. sitting or lying as mentioned above

now don’t get me wrong, i realize that the majority of these laws were created with the best intentions, and i’m sure that we can all agree that segways are for douchebags, (not to mention who doesn’t hate arizona?) but the question is where does this all end? the next thing you know the city will start handing out asbo‘s to anyone with a shit eating grin. really though, for having such a well educated public , the city sure does treat it’s populous like a bunch of fat retarded children.