well i did actually. traditional still life’s have always given me the big yawn, and its not because i don’t know my stuff. i realize that the majority of these works represent life and death and the conflicting cycle of nature, but c’mon, they’re as boring as a girl named ann. until now that is, (or around now, its been out for a while actually… okay, and there goes the suspense). enter john baldessari, the old grey yeti of the art world. he has created a website/art project entitled “In Still Life” where you can rearrange the otherwise boring objects in Abraham van Beyeren’s “Banquet Still Life,” a 17th-century Dutch painting, (as if we couldn’t tell). you can see mine up top, and i have to say its a drastic improvement to the original, (or maybe just a childish attempt at compositional problem solving). so go ahead and try it out yourself, what do you have to lose? you couldn’t possibly be any worse than abraham van boring.