finally! after being forced to see show after show of his through the lens of a computer monitor, Ryan McGinley and his pretty young thangs have finally arrived here in san francisco at Ratio 3 , and surprisingly it looks as though good things do come to those who wait, (and wait, and wait, and wait). the exhibition features photographs reminiscent of both his older, outdoor, atmospheric shots, and his more recent “everybody knows this is nowhere” studio series which recently debut in new york city. of course no matter what motif he chooses to place his subjects in one thing remains constant, absolutely beautiful photographs of absolutely beautiful people. and what better to look at? i mean honestly, just give me something pretty to stare at. (shallow? just think about this next time you take public transportation). along with the opening of his latest show entitled “life adjustment center”, is the release of his new book under the same name. and what a fine book it is indeed! bound in blue cloth with red text on the cover and spine, as well as a slight red stain to the page edges, this book is as finally dressed as a hipster on prom night. you can pick it up here for $45, or watch the sneak peak below again and again as i did. (its almost like his hands are my hands…)