i’m an art fiend. there, i said it. all of my “free time” is basically spent mining the blessed internets for art and art gallery related info. it seems as though i can’t get enough of it. this obsession may seem crazy when one considers the unbelievable amount of content to voyeuristically drool over on the www, as well as the recent rise in sex addiction and all. i mean let’s face it, there has never been more to leer at or engage in, ( both virtually and, uhm, what’s the opposite of virtually?). in any case, this is what i do, i devour art, i sprinkle salt on top and i eat it up with a spoon. with all of that being said, i thought i would share with all of you my top sites on the safari browser, ( just in case there are any other art addicts out there trying to get their fix on, ( oh please be out there, i’m not the only one am i?)). so without further ado, here they are in order of preference/usage.

1.) art info

2.) art daily

3.) the art newspaper

4.) art observed

5.) contemporary art daily

6.) this is tomorrow

7.) daily serving

8.) try harder

9.) curated magazine

10.) vvork

11.) art from behind

and finally, 12.) the world’s best ever

i would go into detail about each and every site and describe just what they publish and why i like them, but honestly, i’m a bit afraid that it would just sound redundant, and i would seem even more crazed and obsessed than i already do. so that’s that. enjoy, (i know i will), and feel free to leave a few of your own fav’s behind.