one of the coolest art projects on line that i have seen (somewhat) recently is this website called naked people, and believe me, its as cool as it sounds, (well most of the time). in short, its every little boys dream come true, the exhibitionist milf next door, the mail order x-ray glasses that really work, the hole in the wall of the girls locker room… german photographer Sebastian Kempa, (god-bless him if there was a god), has created a site where one wave of the magic curser seemingly erases the clothes off of any given model right before your very eyes. as the website states…

“Clothes are our second layer of skin. They disguise, reveal, mirror our innermost being or help to hide it. By wearing certain clothes we can for example give an indication of our profession, our social status or our emotional mood. A business suit makes us guess that the person behind it is a banker, office worker, insurance agent and so on. In our society it is a sign of trustworthiness. But to which degree is this assumption correct? Can we really trust this cover unreservedly? What is really behind it? Can the illusion be destroyed when all of a sudden a tattoo appears under the suit or does the person remain to be unfathomable? Here you have the opportunity to perceive the different effect between a person dressed in their characteristic clothes and in the nude.”

so of course the work is relatively conceptual and therefore artistically legit, (he he he), and I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see (most… some?) complete strangers absolutely naked? its the magic behind the work that really gets me, the possibility that’s implied. i mean, for once i really do have those magic powers i’ve always dreamed of, and we could all use a bit of magic from time to time, (like when dealing with at&t phone reception).