Google Search Easter Eggs


a family feud style game using Google’s autocomplete feature.



‘Dinosaurs’ x The Notorious B.I.G = Hypnotize by Benjamin Roberts.


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here’s a few pictures via my instagram account from a recent trip to Yosemite and Death Valley. enjoy!

The Katering Show, a web series by two lovely dags by the names of Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. throw another shrimp on the barbie ladies! ha, ha, haa… fucking kiwis.

introducing the DaftPunKonsole. “made with love  by Malik Dellidj.”


the next in a series entitled Origami, Yellow #1, 2.15.15, Ink on Polystyrene, 5.5 x 6 x 6.5 inches.


No likes yet is a new website that automatically populates all of the unliked photos currently on Instagram.

the 2015 Pirelli Calender, shot by Steven Meisel.

The Birth of a Tool, Part III by Jēkabs Dimiters, artisan, baker, carpenter, craftsman, filmmaker, musician and founder of John Neeman Tools. absolutely the most beautiful knife and video of said knife that i have ever seen.



Happy Birthday David Bowie!Time May Change Me II, a birthday gif from artist Helen Green to the legendary David Bowie.

All The Minutes, a twitter clock by @studiomoniker à la Christian Marclay‘s The Clock.

NASA recently released half a centuries worth of audio recordings on SoundCloud featuring historic moments in space exploration, to supernatural sounds from our solar system and beyond. amazingness.



new drawing, Chance Constellation I, 1.06.15, Broken Mirror, 12 x 20 inches.

brooklyn based photographer Mariah Robertson making a mess in ART21‘s New York Close Up.



a new series of sculptures/drawings i’m currently working on. Purple #1, 1.01.15, Ink on Polystyrene, 6.5 x 5.5 x 4.75 inches. more to come…

hands down the best artwork/installation/exhibition of 2014 – the white flags of the brooklyn bridge by german artists Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke. awesomeness.

IMG_2838White, 11.03.14, Crayon on Glass, 20 x 16 inches.

merry christmas everybody!



Coolors is an instant color scheme generator that makes it more than easy to view and share an almost endless number of color combinations and collections.

created by Jen Lu and Tim instantly creates “random modern art by simplifying images to their core elements”.



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