now available at my Etsy store, Signature VI, Calligraphy Ink on Paper, 30 x 22 inches.


possibly the greatest series of drawings ever produced outside of a cave, Robert Longo discusses the great ab-ex artist of new york, and the difficulties in copying their work.

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my new website is up and running with new work and new images! take a look and let me know what you think…

you can now purchase one or all of the 7600 volumes of the English language Wikipedia created by artist Michael Mandiberg, currently on view at From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! at Denny Gallery until July 11th, 2015.

Unnamed Mountain, Desolation Wilderness, Californiaphotographer Adam Katseff has some stunning work in his portfolio. among my favorites are his epic landscapes in black. definitely worth a look…


Chris Burden, 1946-2015.


Behind the Biennale is a series of short films that will be released throughout the summer of 2015, uncovering the stories of artists, curators, visitors, and Venetians.


more of this… KATSU scribbling a mess all over Kendall Jenner’s face.

Marco Evaristti was jailed for two weeks for the 'installation' Photo: Photo: Marco Evaristti via Facebook“The Danish-Chilean artist Marco Evaristti was arrested in Iceland after local landowners accused him of vandalism for dyeing the Strokkur geyser pink.”



Hysterical Literature is a video art series by NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt.


i want them all… CW Pencil Enterprise. now in real life.

“there’s a massive illicit bust of Edward Snowden stuck to a war monument in brooklyn”.


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Michael Ifland 061 FINAL

White, 11.03.14, Crayon on Glass, 20 x 16 inches.


from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, an outstanding new series entitled The Artist Project. “Over the course of five seasons, The Artist Project  will share the perspectives of one hundred artists with the public, telling us what they see when they look at The Met.” above, Tom Sachs on the Shaker retiring room.

Google Search Easter Eggs

 a family feud style game using Google’s autocomplete feature.



‘Dinosaurs’ x The Notorious B.I.G = Hypnotize by Benjamin Roberts.


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here’s a few pictures via my instagram account from a recent trip to Yosemite and Death Valley. enjoy!

The Katering Show, a web series by two lovely dags by the names of Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. throw another shrimp on the barbie ladies! ha, ha, haa… fucking kiwis.

introducing the DaftPunKonsole. “made with love  by Malik Dellidj.”


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